zoomer dog

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Can you imagine your dog understand your language? Now, you can have a pet understand your language. you don’t have teach them and you dont have understand animal language to interacted with them. Zoomer dog toy is the answer.

One of the biggest ability and benefits of Zoomer is that he understands Trilingual SPANISH, FRENCH, as well as English!!

The UK version of Zoomer also understands Russian. How’s that for amazing?

 Those languages are a fantastic skill to have and anything that helps your child to learn another language and the MOST IMPORTAN is very educational.


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Zoomer Dog Features:

  • You can teach Zoomer Robot over 60 tricks (including going to the toilet, he is a boy so he cocks his leg)
  •  Zoomer wags his tail like a real dog
  • The more you play with Zoomer the more he will learn.he smart.
  •  Zoomer’s eyes have good tracking abilities in them helping him to see you.
  • Chest sensors allow him to know when he is near other objects, and he knows when you are tickling his tummy. He loves his    tummy being tickled!!
  •  Throw him a ball and watch him play with it then try and teach him to fetch it for you
  •  He can handle walking on hard floors and carpets / rugs
  •  There is a free app for both iOS and Android that you can download to help you train Zoomer (this is not compulsory)
  •  Zoomer Robot has a personality, and really interacts with you, through his eyes and his different moods
  • Zoomer’s uniquely designed body means he can perform realistic movements
  •  Charge Zoomer with the supplied USB cable, no expensive batteries to keep buying

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Zoomer Dog Customer Review

Below you can read some  honest comments from satisfied user. Hope this Zoomer Robot review can helps you to make the right buying decision about this Zoomer Robot Dog.


My 6 year old son received this toy today as a reward. He picked it out himself at Toys R Us! We plugged it in and it charged faster than I expected from things I’ve read; however only held a charge for 25-30 minutes. The fact that the charge didn’t last long was the most disappointing thing about it. I really hope the manufacturer is able to extend the battery life, because it’s so much fun when it has a charge! Note to manufacturer– Make one that lasts 2-3 hours and I’ll invest in a 2nd one. The only frustrating part is when we try to give it a command 19 out of 20 times it gets the X in the eyes like it didn’t understand what we said. Not really sure why that doesn’t work right, and we had 3 people try it. Not to be all negative, because it was fun watching it navigate successfully throughout the downstairs of my house and my son enjoyed the app on his tablet. Last thing– My 4 year old asked that I convey to the “toy people” that he would like a Zoomer that licks him. ;)


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